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     Height: 6’2″     Weight: 160lbs    Eyes: Hazel     Hair: Brown     Vocal Range: Baritone

On the Spot cast Broadway Comedy Club
Absent Minded Comedy cast Times Square Arts Center
Eight is Never Enough cast Laugh Factory NY
Hooray For Everything cast / founder Hooray 4 Productions
The 39 Steps Clown Okoboji Summer Theatre
Trey Parker’s Cannibal: The Musical Miller Kraine Theatre
The Birthmark Aminibad Metropolitan Playhouse
Comedy of Errors Antipholus Stages on the Sound
The Yellow Brick Monologues Tin Man Sage Theatre
Twelfth Night Sir Andrew Jean Cocteau Repertory
Hamlet Laertes / Player King American Theatre For Actors
Choose Your Own Adventure Play You Dare Project
East Village Fragments (The Hawk) Double Peculiar Works
The Cooking King Cooking King MilkCan Theatre Co.
A Family Tragedy Pop Dare Project
Kaleidescope’s Consonant Caravan Conjunction Kangaroo Dare Project
Suburbia Tim The Annex Theatre
Please, Please, Please Love Me Larry Dysfunctional Theatre Co.
Gallathea Rafe Quest Theatre Ensemble
Ridiculous Young Ladies Du Croisy Random Arts (NY Fringe)
Taming of the Shrew Tranio Impact Theatre Ensemble
Romeo & Juliet Benvolio Biggs Rosatti (Nat’l Tour)
Burn This Burton Tallahassee Little Theatre
Tartuffe Cleante Richard Fallon Theatre
Lil’ Abner Pappy Yokum Quincy Music Theatre
King Lear Fool The Studio Theatre
Mac OS Bobcat Architect / Voice of Bobcat (supporting) Blue Core Studios
Pins & Needles Charlie (lead) SUNY Purchase
The Maze Adam (lead) ImagineMe Productions
Profiles in Congressional Courage Agent Bricktop (featured) DCTV / Laughing Liberally
Hooray For Everything Chris (supporting) Hooray 4 Productions
Sex Stories Troy (featured) Lo-Fi Entertainment
The Stranger Alphonse (lead) Columbia University
Short Tale Noir Jack (lead) Columbia University
Just Add Water Sketch Show cast / writer WFSU
A Family Tragedy Dare Project
Tip of the… Dare Project
Ibs in Space Dare Project


Acting    –    Tony  Simotes,  George  Judy          –  Florida  State  University
–    Henry  Polic  II,  Jose  Quintero        –  Private  Instruction
Dance    –    Beverly  Brown,  Jeneane  Willet        –  Florida  State  University
Improv    –    Betsy  Stover                                    –  Upright  Citizens  Brigade


Pratfalls,  Impersonations,  Slight  of  Hand,  Stage  Combat  (hand  to  hand,  rapier/dagger)
Dialects  (Scottish,  Japanese,  Jamaican,  British,  regional  American,  et  al.)

Additional details

Taught  Comedy  Improvisation  (3  years  @  FSU)Contributing  writer  to  Esquire  magazine.
Sitcom  pilot:  “Open  Bar,”  was  a  quarter-finalist  in  BRAVO’s  “Situation:  Comedy.”